Primary & Preventive Care Services

Ensure your well-being by prioritizing bi-annual wellness exams, as they provide early intervention for age-related symptoms and proactive care.

Senior Cat Exam 

It includes a complete physical exam, ECG, a full blood analysis, thyroid hormones testing, blood pressure, urine and fecal analysis.

When to seek?

  • Alterations in appetite /thirst/urination
  • Changes in sleep/activity/reluctance to jump or climb
  • Changes in vision and hearing
  • Alteration in mental behavior
  • Alteration in muscle tone/body weight
  • Skin changes: lumps/ hair loss/dullness

Senior Dog Exam

Includes comprehensive physical exam, radiography, ECG, blood pressure, full blood analysis, tonometry to check for glaucoma, urine and fecal analysis.

When to seek?

  • Changes in vision/hearing/mental acuity
  • Changes in appetite/eating habits/water consumption
  • Decreased exercise tolerance
  • Alteration in sleeping/resting habits
  • Intermittent limping/cough/vomiting
  • Bad breath/excessive salivation
  • Gaining/losing weight or muscle tone
  • Changes in quality of fur /lumps/hair loss/excessive licking or scratching

At Hope Veterinary Clinic we provide a wide selection of canine and feline vaccines, and the protocols are adapted to the individual risks of each pet according to the age, the provenance and the indoor/outdoor status.

Prevents the heartache of a lost pet and improve your chances of being reunited with your cat or dog. By law the microchipping is required prior to rabies vaccination, mandatory for allergy testing and for pet relocation.

Advance technology to aid in the diagnose your pet’s medical condition.

Senior Cat Nutrition 

When the senior cat is overweight or facing health issues our doctors will assess your senior cat’s body condition, prescribe a special and adapted diet for weight loss or to support any chronic condition.

Senior Dog Nutrition

Senior dogs have special nutrition needs, our doctors will discuss with you the best nutritional support to keep your senior dog happy and healthy.

To ensure the optimal health of your pet and provide you with peace of mind, we strongly advise spaying and neutering non-breeding cats and dogs between 6-8 months of age. Please note that we do not recommend this procedure for kittens and puppies.

Promote a humane approach to stray cat population control with our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program. Help reduce cat overpopulation by trapping, sterilizing, and returning feral cats to their natural habitats.

What we do best

Valuable guidance on conducting virus testing before vaccination, particularly for cats. As many pets can carry viruses without displaying any symptoms.

Advanced technology to assist in diagnosing your pet's medical condition.