Hope Veterinary Clinic offers a range of veterinary services, including preventive care, vaccinations, wellness exams, dental care, spaying and neutering, emergency care, diagnostic testing, surgery, and pet boarding. We are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for your beloved pets.

To schedule an appointment at Hope Veterinary Clinic, you can call our Clinic during business hours. and speak with our friendly receptionists. Alternatively, you may also be able to request an appointment through our website and use our online booking system

During your pet's first visit to Hope Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians will conduct a thorough examination to assess their overall health and well-being. This examination may include checking vital signs, reviewing their medical history, discussing any concerns or symptoms you may have noticed, and performing any necessary diagnostic tests. Our veterinarians will provide recommendations for preventive care, vaccinations, and address any immediate health concerns.

At Hope Veterinary Clinic, we accept various payment methods to ensure convenience for our clients. We typically accept cash, debit cards, and major credit cards.

Our clinic's hours of operation as follow:

  • Saturday to Thursday 10am to 8pm
  • Friday - Closed

Usually we start vaccinations at the age of 12 weeks in healthy and dewormed patients, followed by booster shots according to a protocol in order to optimize the immune system response

  • The deworming (treatment against intestinal parasites) is essential for healthy digestive system and for better immunity.
  • The frequency depends on the life mode (indoor outdoor) but its in general every 3 to 6 months
  • Ticks and Fleas bites are responsible of deadly diseases like mycoplasma in cats or ehrlichiosis in dogs.
  • In UAE preventive medication should be use all over the year due to weather.

The food should be “complete” to meet all the nutritional needs of the pets. It is important to invest in good quality food to prevent dietary deficiencies.

The ideal age is 6 months old for neutering surgeries in fully vaccinated and healthy patients.

The best way to detect diseases early is to do blood tests every year. The medical management is more successful in this case.

Twice a day and the pet should be used to it at an early age.