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Hope Veterinary Clinic

Hope Veterinary Clinic places utmost importance on providing exceptional care for your cherished pets. We offer advanced medical services and employ state-of-the-art technology to guarantee their well-being and contentment. Our commitment is to ensure the health and happiness of your beloved companions.

Comprehensive Wellness Programs

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Combining our veterinary expertise with modern tech, we provide a care experience of unmatched quality.


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Dr. Hafsa is an amazing individual and a compassionate doctor. She supports our TNR activities . Highly recommended!

Ghislaine E.

Outstanding veterinary clinic! The staff is caring, and Dr. Hafsa's expertise is unmatched. Impeccable hygiene too!

Mohamed A.

Top-notch care and cleanliness! Dr. Hafsa and her team are true professionals. One of the Best veterinary clinic in Abu Dhabi!

Issam A.

Delighted with the exceptional expertise provided at Hope Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Hafsa and her team exhibit a friendly demeanor and profound knowledge.

Salwa E.

Absolutely fantastic experience! The staff at Hope Veterinary Clinic, led by Dr. Hafsa, go above and beyond. The clinic's hygiene is outstanding!

Rym A.