Our Story

A Lifelong Love for Animals Sparks a Career in Veterinary Medicine

The Path of Mastery: From Morocco to Abu Dhabi

Over 16 enriching years, Dr. Hafsa perfected her craft and acquired profound insights into the realm of veterinary medicine while managing her personal clinic in Morocco. This professional journey eventually led her to the culturally rich city of Abu Dhabi, where she has been utilizing her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) expertise for the past 6 years. The extensive experience she has amassed locally equips her with the ability to offer superior care to a broad range of animals, establishing her as a trusted figure among pet owners in the region.

A Versatile Expertise Rooted in Passion

Dr. Hafsa's professional passion covers every aspect of veterinary medicine, particularly internal medicine and endocrinology. Her competence in these specializations has brought about significant improvements in the lives of countless animals, safeguarding their health and overall wellbeing. As a proficient speaker of Arabic, French, and English, she has succeeded in fostering a bond of trust and understanding with pet owners from various cultures, enriching the community she diligently serves.

A Reputation Crafted from Compassion & Professionalism

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Hafsa's relentless compassion, unwavering professionalism, and quest for perfection have solidified her commendable reputation in Abu Dhabi's veterinary community. Driven by a deep-rooted love for animals from an early age, she has always strived to embody a profession that integrates her affection for animals and her intrinsic empathy.

Hope Veterinary Clinic: A Haven of Excellence and Compassion

This steadfast commitment to her patients' wellness and her aspiration for providing superior care inspired the creation of Hope Veterinary Clinic. This sanctuary for animals, named as a testament to Dr. Hafsa's vision of an improved future for all creatures, promises top-tier care in a supportive environment. Our team at Hope Veterinary Clinic tirelessly upholds the values of compassion, excellence, and hope for every animal under our care, mirroring the very essence of Dr. Hafsa's inspiring journey.