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We are delighted to assist you in preparing for your trip. We are an authorized provider; we offer pet health travel certificates to ensure a smooth journey for your beloved companion. 

When you are away, we are offering to your cat a very nice and comfortable boarding facility that boasts a large pet friendly play room, Your pets will enjoy:

  • Clean and spacious cages
  • Fresh bedding and daily house keeping
  • Individualized care
  • Daily observations
  • Veterinary medical care if needed

Our boarding requirements:

Cats must be current on their vaccines (PCH and Rabies).

All cats must provide proof that they are free from internal and external parasites.

Please send your pet’s medical records to us thru WhatsApp 0505445926 or email us at prior to their stay.

Allergies can originate from food, environment stimuli (pollens, dust, fungi, insects or chemicals) through ingestion, inhalation or skin contact.

The most common symptoms of allergy in your pet include obsessive scratching at the face, ears and chewing at the paws abdomen or back, recurring ear infections, eye tearing and sneezing.

If your pet experiences any of the above conditions, contact us

At Hope Veterinary Clinic, we understand that every breed and individual pet comes with its own specific grooming requirements.

Our Added Value

We take great joy in helping you prepare for your upcoming trip. As an authorized provider, we are pleased to offer pet health travel certificates, ensuring a seamless journey for your beloved companion. Additionally, while you're away, we can provide a caring environment for your furry friend, ensuring they receive the love and attention they deserve. During their grooming session, we even have a spacious window where you can enjoy watching your pet.

Dr. H Advice

To make your pet’s stay more comfortable please feel free to send them with their favorite treats, toys and beddings.

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